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This article was made for educational purposes. This does neither constitute financial advice nor trading advice. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. This is not financial advice; always do your own research.

The last year was largely characterised by one of the long sought use-cases for blockchains — decentralised finance (Defi). Defi kicked off real revenue streams and adoption accelerated. The total value locked (TVL) YoY growth of 2600% and the nearly 1BN$ burned in ETH fees since early August and implementation of EIP1559 shows the incredible speed and traction with which the market is moving…

All investments involve some degree of risk. Risk refers to the degree of uncertainty and/or potential financial loss inherent in an investment decision. Investors need to consider the technical or systemic risks associated with an investment opportunity as well as their own approach to investing.

As investment risks rise, investors seek higher returns to compensate for taking such risks.

Risk/Return Tradeoff is all about achieving the fine balance between lowest possible risk and highest possible return. Low levels of risk are usually associated with low potential returns while higher levels of risk are normally expected to yield higher returns. But…

Dieser Artikel wurde vor 11 Monaten das erste mal publiziert.

Nachdem IEO und Binance Hype in der Vergangenheit, analysieren wir den BNB Token mal etwas genauer und schauen auf die Bewertung des BNB Tokens.


Binance Coin (BNB) war ein ERC-20 Token, welcher am 26.Juni.2017 über ein $15M ICO emittiert wurde. Am 23.04.2019 vollzog Binance seinen Mainnet Swap bei dem die Tokens auf die Binance Chain konvertiert wurden. Die Verteilung erfolgte folgendermaßen:

  1. 100.000.000 (50% der gesamten Token) wurden im ICO ausgegeben
  2. 80.000.000 (40%) mit einer 4-Jahres Vesting Periode (20% zum Start und 20% jedes weitere Jahr) wurden für die weitere Finanzierung…

Credits to Niño Jose Heredia

Venture capital constitutes a main and fundamental source of funding for start-ups and firms seeking to develop and commercialize emerging and disruptive technologies. It supports the growth and expansion of these companies early in their development, before they would qualify for other types of financing. Whether it’s Google, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Tesla or FedEx — companies supported by VC have profoundly changed the economy. Moreover 42% of all US public companies founded after 1974 were venture-backed in their early days. Altogether, these companies represent 63% of the capitalization and 85% of all R&D spending by public companies formed since 1974.[i]


Technology and decentralization enthusiast // VC

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